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What Is

"Comic Toranoana" is the first leading doujin shop opened in Akihabara Tokyo in 1994 that mainly deals with "Doujinshi" in the industry. Reknowned as the first pioneer in the domestic doujin mail order service, and the world's biggest otaku shop.

There are over 100,000 circles of creators registered in Toranoana. In particular, the number of works for women is top-class in the industry, and more than 50,000 works are always available. Toranoana deals with the numerous works of many creators, so you could find works that you can not find anywhere else.

Toranoana has directly managed stores in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, and also has Taipei stores overseas. In addition, an e-commerce site ( has also been developed, which deals with CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Hobbies, Games, etc. in addition to doujinshi. Many overseas customers shop using the purchase service.

Toranoana also invests in and produces animated works. In 2018, the doujin anime "I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear" from illustrator 40hara was produced, and in 2019 the sequel was announced.

in Japan

There are various genres of doujin works. Take a look at some of the popular doujinshi especially popular in Toranoana. If you want to get it, please use the forwarding service (, or our group company's overseas purchasing service (AOCS) as well.


Main Stores

Toranoana has stores in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. If you come to Japan for sightseeing, please drop in at Toranoana!

List of stores